The Frustrating Focus on Conversations Post Stroke

When someone suffers a stroke or goes through any sort of medical crisis there is often a frustrating switch in the focus of conversations. Everyday discussions that used to take place begin to transform into conversations focused around new treatments, appointment rundowns, and general updates on wellbeing. There are some moments where regular discussions take place, however they tend to lead back to the same topics that relate to being a stroke survivor.

I personally realized that this was happening when I was talking to my mom one day about a blood test I had coming up, and it occurred to me that we hadn’t had a conversation in over 5 months that didn’t relate to my medical situation. After that point I became more aware of the conversations occurring in my other relationships and found that this was happening with most people in my life. I was mourning the previous structure of my relationships without even realizing it. Something needed to change. 

One thing that really helped was letting the people in my life know that I had limits on how much I was willing to discuss the situation I was in regarding health. It can be frustrating communicating this at times because discussions centered around wellbeing are very important, especially for stroke survivors. However, it can be overbearing to solely focus on health as it’s often a topic that can be difficult for individuals who have suffered strokes to talk about. It can also be frustrating because the people who care about you don’t often realize what they are doing and how it can impact you negatively. Most people are trying to help and are coming from a place of love. 

If I’m being honest I avoided saying anything for a while due to the fear of seeming ungrateful for the help, however once I did, It allowed me to feel less overwhelmed and more like a person who had more to offer than just my health. Everyone deserves to feel like they are more than their diagnosis and deserves to feel like a person. Although having a stroke is a big life changing event it is not all you are and you have a lot to offer the world. 


Nicole a 19 year old Stroke Survivor. She was drawn to the Stroke Recovery Association of Manitoba through the young stroke survivor group. Nicole is a third year university student in Asper at the University of Manitoba, working towards a degree in business with a major in marketing and a minor in entrepreneurship/small business in hopes that one day she will run her own business

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