Who We Are

Board of Directors for 2019-2020



President: Barry Visca

Vice-President: Carol Oppermann

Past President: Terry Wilson

Treasurer: Maggie Clarke


Secretary: Dennis Fancy 

Auxiliary Representative: Bev Dunlop

Membership: Anne Manitowich

Social Media and Public Relations: Lisa Slywchuk

Events & Fundraising: Allison Staff

WCBA Representative: Lino Rutigliano

Director at Large: John Wegrzyn

Director at Large: Lynn Pascoe

Director at Large: Dr. Anna Ziomek

Director at Large: Meagan Dieckelt

Office Staff:

Executive Director: Nicki Burbank

email: director@strokerecovery.ca

Administrative Assistant: Sharon Dowd

email: admin@strokerecovery.ca

Administrative Assistant: Andrew Tunny

 email: admin@strokerecovery.ca