Who We Are

Board Members & Staff

Board of Directors 2018-2019

President Terry Wilson
Vice-President Barry Visca
Past President: April Takacs
Secretary: Lynn Pascoe
Treasurer Maggie Clarke
Auxiliary Rep Bev Dunlop


Shannon Lawton

Anne Manitowich

Carol Oppermann

Lisa Slywchuk

Allison Staff

John Wegrzyn

Anna Ziomek

Dennis Fancy

Legal Advice Norman Snyder (not an active Board of Directors position)

Emails to Board Members can be sent through: samexec@strokerecovery.ca


Executive Director: Nicki Burbank  

Email: director@strokerecovery.ca

Administrative Assistant & Volunteer Coordinator: Sharon Dowd

Administrative Assistant & Speakeasy Facilitator: Andrew Tunny

Email: admin@strokerecovery.ca