Stroke Participation Studies – Families’ Experiences Living with an Acquired Brian Injury

The Stroke Recovery Association of Manitoba is pleased to
work together with the University of Manitoba
advancing knowledge and understanding of the brain injury recovery process.

Click on the following YouTube link for a full description of the research study and invitation by Ms Jane Karpa, Doctoral student, to participate.

Link to YouTube: Families Living with Acquired Brain Injury

If you have any questions and/or would like additional information contact Jane Karpa by;

Email or

Phone 204-896-0456

Families’ Experiences Living with Acquired Brain Injury

Jane Karpa, a doctoral student at the University of Manitoba, is conducting a study as part of the thesis requirement for her program. The purpose of her study is to examine families’ experiences living with Acquired Brain Injury so that health care professionals and agencies can better understand families’ perspectives. Understanding of family perspectives can inform family-centered care.

Acquired Brain Injury is most frequently defined as damage to the brain which occurs after birth and may be caused by: 1) a traumatic event-a result of a motor vehicle collision, fall, assault or sports injury; or 2) a non-traumatic event such as stroke, aneurysm, infection of the brain, and or a tumour. Acquired brain injury or ABI (for short) is not related to: a genetic disorder; a developmental disability (e.g. Down’s syndrome); or a process which progressively damages the brain (e.g. Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis).

Ms. Karpa’s husband suffered an ABI as a result from a stroke with multiple bleeds. Therefore, she believes that acquired brain injury resulting from a stroke can dramatically impact individuals and families. As a researcher, Ms. Karpa wants to learn from both individuals and family members together as a group about their experiences and perspectives living with ABI.

 If you are interested in considering participating in this study and would like further information please contact Ms. Jane Karpa at: 204.896.0456 or

The Education and Nursing Research Ethics Board has approved this research. If you have any concerns or complaints about this project you may contact Jane Karpa, or her research supervisor, Dr. Wanda Chernomas (204.474.6819; and the Human Ethics Coordinator (HEC) at the University of Manitoba (474-7122).

Highlights of the research is also summarized in the below slide presentation.