Getting Our Mind Ready

I recently listened to a friend speak about positivity. She spoke about how we often begin our days getting our physical bodies ready but how often do we take the time to get our minds ready?

As stroke survivors, our mindset can have an incredible influence on the day and the recovery. Mindset can influence how the morning unfolds, then continue to have a snowball effect through the rest of the day, and even have lingering effects through the following days. Stroke survival often ironically (that’s arguable) brings with it a dark cloud. We have accomplished the incredible feat of survival, yet the circumstances of survival take their toll on our physical, mental, and emotional states.

Then, as stroke survivors, how can we get our minds ready as we begin our days?

  1. Meditation

There’s many options to choose from here, and any of them are a great place to start. Listening to a short, guided meditation, taking a few minutes to set an intention, like saying ‘This will be a good day!’ (in your mind or out loud, whatever works!), or thinking of 3 things you’re grateful for.

  • Journaling

Writing about dreams you had through the night, hopes you have for the day, or writing about those 3 things you’re grateful for. Writing about worries or concerns you’re having can be very therapeutic, so if you’re noticing those thoughts on your mind when you wake up, start your day by journaling and feel like your voice is being heard.

  • Movement

Taking time to add movement is an excellent way to get our minds ready in the morning – whatever that movement may look like. Doing a yoga pose, a yoga class, or going for a walk. Having someone to do this with can make it something to look forward to, so find someone to connect with online in the morning!

  • Find a way to smile

Singing, cuddling with your pet, or watching comedy. Make a list of things that make you laugh, make you happy, make you smile – writing about these things in the morning, or finding something on the list to begin your day with.

As you get ready in the morning, try adding something each day to your routine that helps get your mind ready, and see what happens!

Ashley Voth

Ashley is a Yoga instructor and a Stroke Survivor. She was drawn to become a yoga teacher after having the yoga practice be a valuable part of the physical and spiritual journey through stroke recovery. She helps fellow Stroke Warriors feel empowered, build inner strength, and embrace individuality in this moment.

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