Thank You to The Winnipeg Foundation

For the past few years we started offering our members a Therapeutic Art Program.

This program was designed to offer another medium in which stroke survivors could use art as a way to express themselves and to try something new.

It was never intended to be an art ‘’class’’ but instead a way for our members to get together, have coffee, engage in conversation and as a bonus, walk away feeling proud of their art master pieces.

We provide the facilitator, the space and supplies and then sit back and watch their creativity flow.

In May 2014 we got some unfortunate news that our art therapist would be moving away to New York so we took that negative and turned it into a positive by having a special art exhibit/ going away party.

We took several pieces of art that the group had done, had them framed and turned our whole office into an art gallery which was open for all to view.

It was a great little event and a proud moment for our organization to see this group so excited and enjoying themselves. Their eyes lit up seeing all their hard work framed and displayed and although it was sad to see our art therapist go, spirits were still high knowing that the group would (and does) continue on.

This art group continues to meet once a week and they have all come so far in gaining new skills or regaining skills they thought they lost.

We are proud of our art group and proud to say that we had support of The Winnipeg Foundation to make this program available.

Thank you to The Winnipeg Foundation for all their support over 2014. We were able to make our members very happy with your generosity and care towards our programs. Without organizations like yours, charities like us would not be able to thrive.

Sincere thanks from all our members, volunteers, Board and staff!

Art Class