Board Members & Staff

Board of Directors (2018-2019)

President: Terry Wilson

Vice-President: Barry Visca

Past President: April Takacs


Secretary: Lynn Pascoe

Treasurer: Maggie Clarke

Auxiliary Rep: Bev Dunlop


  • Shannon Lawton
  • Anne Manitowich
  • Carol Oppermann
  • Lisa Slywchuk
  • Allison Staff
  • John Wegrzyn
  • Anna Ziomek
  • Carol Oppermann
  • Dennis Fancy

Legal Adviser: Norman Snyder (not an active Board of Directors position)

Emails to Board Members can be sent through: samexec [at] strokerecovery [dot] ca


Administrative Assistant & Volunteer Coordinator: Sharon Dowd

Email: admin [at] strokerecovery [dot] ca

Administrative Assistant & Speakeasy Facilitator: Andrew Tunny

Email: admin [at] strokerecovery [dot] ca