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Here’s a sneak peak at our feature stroke story in this newsletter:

…I am a 32 year old Occupational Therapist that lives in Winnipeg, MB. I had my stroke on August 7th, 2017; just last year. I experienced a hemorrhage while I was climbing out of the water from swimming in Lake of the Woods, Ontario. Thankfully, I was with a co-worker/friend who was able to catch me while climbing up the ladder and caught me and brought me onto the dock. She told me that she thought I was having a stroke and made sure I was safe on the dock while she ran to grab her phone from the cabin. 

After some panic and confusion, an ambulance arrived and took me to the Kenora district hospital where the doctors determined that due to the nature of my stroke, I would not survive unless I had emergency surgery. I was then air lifted to HSC for my first craniotomy. I was in HSC for about 3½ weeks prior to being discharged to Riverview Health Centre for stroke rehabilitation. 

While at RHC I participated in physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. It was where I learned to walk, speak and begin to do things for myself that I had previously taken for granted (dressing, bathing and eating). 

I was fortunate enough that I also qualified to participate in a research study during my stay…..


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