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A Word from the President:

Greetings to all SAM members, friends and families,

Since my last report, we have all been keeping very busy. Diane has been on sick leave and while she was sorely missed, the Board and staff have done an excellent job of keeping the organization running. As our expenses were very high last year, (you will hear details regarding this at the AGM) the Board has decided to revert to the ED’s original offer of 28 hours per week, Monday to Thursday. We will still be open Monday – Friday, 9 – 4.


The Valentine Tea was a great success. Thank you to all volunteers and those who attended.

The board has updated the Bylaws (they will be voted on at the AGM), policies and personnel policies and is working on the succession plan.

SAM has also changed its executive with Maggie Clarke as Treasurer and Lynn Pascoe as Secretary. By the way, if you’ve been to the office lately, you will notice the Wi-Fi has been improved significantly.

Next is the AGM on April 21st followed by the Wheel & Walk on June 24th. The W&W is our main fundraiser and we need EVERYONE to a part of this event. $10,000 would be a nice sum to raise.

See you on April 21st and Happy Spring everyone!

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