Mission, Guiding Principles & Strategic Plan 2017 – 2022

Our Mission

To provide support and increase life participation for stroke survivors and their families

Our Guiding Principles


  • Recognizing the diversity among stroke survivors and their families, SAM works to create a welcoming and inclusive environment
  • SAM’s programming is evidence-based and informed by membership needs
  • SAM encourages mentoring and peer support in stroke recovery

Strategic Plan 2017 – 2022


Goals and Objectives
Working together with Planning and Development Consultants Health in Common SAM governance and operational goals and objectives for 2017 – 2022 were formulated and are now in place.

Long-term Impact

Stroke survivors have the confidence and support to make the choices that meet their needs

The “Stroke Recovery Association of Manitoba Strategic Plan 2017 – 2022” document provides the framework for annual operational planning, including the development of outputs and short-term outcomes (with baselines and targets) for quarterly reporting.

Strategic Priorities
In an effort to provide the capacity and sustainability required to achieve the goals and objectives identified, SAM’s strategic priorities are internally focused at the operational and governance level.

Strengthen Organizational Governance
SAM will strengthen organizational governance through succession planning, policy development and consideration of structural options.

Strengthen Operational Capacity
SAM will strengthen operational capacity including policies and procedures, succession planning and staff development.


SAM is recognized as the ‘go-to’ resource for stroke survivors, families & caregivers.

a. Strengthen relationships with relevant organizations and professional associations

b. Strengthen data collection tools and processes for monitoring and evaluation

SAM provides programming that reflects the needs identified by stroke survivors, families & caregivers.

a. Strengthen internal programming for stroke survivors, families and caregivers

b. Strengthen support for external programming within SAM’s facilities

SAM connects stroke survivors, families & caregivers to existing services and programs.

a. Strengthen internal process for client intake and referral

b. Increase knowledge of external services and programs available for stroke survivors and families

SAM Membership
  • Memberships are $25 a year for individuals or $35 a year for families
  • Professional and Organization Memberships are $75.00 a year (non-voting)
  • Memberships provide an opportunity to bring to the forefront the stroke recovery programs and services individuals and families impacted by stroke require, voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting, a discount of some program fees and an opportunity to belong to a unique and very special organization focused solely on stroke recovery

The Stroke Recovery Association of Manitoba, Inc. (SAM) is a registered charity and has been providing stroke recovery services and programs since 1971.