Bake with SAM for the Sidewalk Sale

What are you doing next Friday afternoon
August 4th, 2017?

Would you like to join us at SAM and help us create wonderful microwaveable desserts; rice crispy square, peanut butter squares, and more for our Annual Sidewalk Sale?

We needed taste testers – connoisseurs of fine desserts. We also need strong men to cut the desserts into squares and bakers with their own special recipes that have been in the family for generations and can only be created with the microwave. 

♥ Ingredients ♥ Bring your own to make your signature dessert and kick back with refreshing fruit punch and snacks

Sunnybrook Tales & Poems Book Signing

Sunnybrook Tales & Poems Book Signing
today May 10th, 2017 at

Coles Book Store from 1 to 3 pm
City Place, 234 Donald Street
Winnipeg, MB R3C 1M8

Richard Edwards has been dabbling in poetry for years and has learned to capture the emotions felt when faced with beauty and desire. He enjoys people of all persuasions. He currently lives in Winnipeg with Joyce Lancaster.

Joyce Lancaster was born in Winnipeg and is new to the library scene. The difficulties portrayed by her heroes will tug at the heart strings of all who take the time to read her.

Both Joyce and Richard are long-time members and supporters of the Stroke Recovery Association of Manitoba, Inc. They are part of the Art Expressions group at SAM and their individual works of art are popular items of choice at community venues.

They also dedicate many hours of volunteer time working with the Association administrative office and assist with the programs.